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Just checking in!

Hi all.

Hope everyone is doing well, just wanted to check in give everyone a bit of a rundown for those who don’t know on all the information that is available on the website. There may be a few changes that some of you haven’t seen.

The home page is where you’ll find tabs and links to the rest of the site as well as galleries of images taken over the years of our success and growth. As well as info to give to friends or family members that may need it if they wish to sign up to the club.

From here you can also find information on our club shop, well stocked and supplied by Karakal for all your goodies, there is also a tab on the committee, some of you may not know who runs the club behind the scenes so have a look here if you are interested and search for us on the database. If you have any queries or concerns or want a game with someone this would be a great place to go.

There is also formal information available here about our constitution and other terms and conditions.

Most of you will know (hopefully) about our booking system and you can also find information on leagues/ladders internally too, if you aren’t currently signed up to either and would be interested please let me know. This is a great place to go for regular games with members of a similar standard.

You can also find information on our Oxfordshire teams, we currently have three teams playing in these divisions, all doing very well. Team 1 are the current division 1 champions!

Finally down at the very bottom of all pages you will find our terrific sponsors, great businesses mostly local that help keep our club ticking over. If you do get a chance please do pay them a visit and offer them your support, even if it is just a like and share on Facebook. These strange times are tough on the little guys so every bit of help will be gratefully received. (Speaking personally on this point!)

That’s all from me, if anyone has any queries or concerns about membership or anything club related in fact or any of the above, by all means drop me a line or reply to this email.

All the best and stay safe.

Richard Neat
Membership Officer

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