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Ref Mo Sarwar Coaching

Good morning everybody,

Just a note to confirm that the registration form for Mo Sarwar's coaching sessions for 13th March starting at 6pm for the 1st 40 minute session will be on the Club Notice Board from Sunday 11th Feb.The 2nd and 3rd session registration forms will be published a little later.

Please register your name and try to pair with some one of a similar playing standard as this make it a much better session for both players.

The coaching is free but a court fee of £2.50p per person is required. Can you please pay this court fee through your "Credit Transfer Facility" on your own club web page. This needs to be paid to "A COACHING SESSION with Mo" which you will find on the transfer list. Please put the date of your session as a reference so I can check who has paid. This enables the system to send out reminders to the participants who have registered.

Any Problems please get back to me.


Brian Coptcoat

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