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Weekly Coach Guidance #2


Morning All,

I hope you're all keeping fit & well, making the most of the sunshine.

This week I participated in the Joe Wicks home workouts, via YouTube, with my family. Completing them as a group is much more fun, we all push each other on. One hilarious moment was when we were all prancing around the lounge doing bunny hops with our hands on our heads making the ears. There is a video somewhere!

One thing that struck me was the importance of keeping up the regularity of exercise, boosting endorphin levels and to encourage each other as best as possible. I'm fortunate to be near some woods with fabulous bluebells (see above) so we can cycle there for our daily outdoor exercise. Given that it looks like we won't be fully out of lock down for a while, finding creative & alternative ways to keep yourself fit are all important.

So my tip for this week is;

  1. Try something new & where possible have an exercise partner, whether it be family in-person or virtually with a work colleague or friend to keep the competitive spirits flowing. Ideas include cycling, yoga, football keepy uppies & timed runs.

Here is a summary round-up of this weeks best online Squash training guidance & content;

  • A 45 min Squash Family workout with 'Squash Skills' & professional coach/ex-pro player Jesse Engelbrecht. All you need is your racquet, a workout mat, a bluetooth device/speaker (to play the content) & 6 markers to mark a basic Squash court out;
  • A 30 min Nick 'The Wolf' Matthew with a 'Make a racket' at home workout on YouTube, all you need is a racquet & ball;
  • The PSA Foundation & Canary Wharf Classic promoters are selling Squash merchandise with funds going to those most in need in the Squash community;

I would love to hear how you, our members, on how you're keeping fit at home, let me know by replying to this email and I will share it in my blog. Stay safe & keep well.

All the best,

Martin Hall (Club Captain & Coach)


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