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Hi Everybody, I have put second Mo Sarwar coaching session registration form on the club board today for the 21st July. There will be a total of 3 sessions in July the last one is 28th July. registration for second session is on the notice board. We have made a few changes this time. While all Mo's coaching fees are paid by the club we have introduced a lighting cost and court booking fee which is paid to Winchester House School. This needs to be paid by TRANFERING VIA YOUR OWN WEBSITE "TRANSFER CREDIT" FACILITY £2.50P TO "A BOOKING OR COMPETION FEE". This will enable me to book a court for you and for you to receive a reminder via e-mail as you always get for your normal court bookings. Please note a few people have booked a 1st session and not paid the registration fee yet Please Pay at least a week before the session so that a booking can be made on the web site. Thanks Regards Brian Coptcoat

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