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Tuesday 12th red lion 7.30 for7.45 start

Guys Just to let you know the meeting is now confirmed for the red lion. An overdue meeting but w need to go over a few points 1 minutes from last meeting 1.1 upgrade of lighting final specification PRO STANDARD. 2 coaching/ coaches 3 sponsorship of Teams and kit update 4 club mark 5 team players team1 6 member of the year 7Racket ball open day coaching leagues etc G Wilson 8 AOB I can't think of Ade will be coming in after 8 so the membership renewal and figures will be looked at then . 9Protocol for membership payments new form Standing orders/online etc 10 stringing machine inhouse Martin is unable to attend Dave I need your confirmation you will come as it impacts your team stuff as well most had agreed they can make it including Simon Busby as will be back from Russia and key for the lighting to discuss and move forward before Xmas Regards Andy Bright

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