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Squash championship Quarter Finals

Hi everybody, The Squash Singles quarter finals are now all set for Monday 26th September, play starts at 18.35hrs. There are also some Squash handicap games to be played i.e. some quarter finals and the semi finals. The times are as scheduled below: HANDICAP QUARTERS & SEMIS + SINGLES QUARTERS Dave Cunningham V Keith Redman 18.35hrs CT1 (quarter final) Dugald Humphreys V Nick Mullis 18.35hrs CT2 (quarter final) Sean Smith V Gary Wilson/Dave Silvester CT1 19.10hrs Tim Walton V Elliot Groethe CT2 19.10hrs Martin Hall V Matin Kapusniak CT1 19.10hrs Dave C/Keith R V Dugald H/Nick M CT1 20.00hrs (Semi final) Andrew Bright V Richard Neat CT2 20.00hrs (Semi final) There will be refreshments provided (sandwiches)including some beers/largers and soft drinks. All are welcome come along and cheer your favourite to win. The finals will take place on Friday 30th September starting at 18.35hrs. Regards Brian Coptcoat

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