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REf Xmas Handicap

Hi Everybody,

Unfortunately the system of booking for the Xmas Handicap did not work as expected. Normally if I set the bracket to 16 registrations are blocked when the number 16 is reached. IT DID NOT WORK THAT WAY so there are 21 entrants to date.
I will re-organise the games to accommodate 24 players so unfortunately if that number is exceeded I will have to delete your name from the registration if you registered AFTER THAT POINT. tHAT MEANS WE HAVE 3 POSITIONS OPEN SO IF YOU WANT TO REGISTER GET IN QUICK. I will change the playing time from 12 minutes to 10 minutes per game and adjust the handicaps to suit the new lower time of 10 minutes.

Sorry for the error but we only have 1 day to play this event and any more entrants than 24 we will run out of time.


Brian Coptcoat

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