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many hands make light work - painter volunteers wanted

Hi everyone
As we do our refurbishment and we rely on Brian Coptcoat doing a fabulous job of the woodwork. He needs a rest and some other volunteers to help paint the walls downstairs and entry point on the inside only before the 11th August when we Change the viewing terrace for next seasons juniors Grand Prix season with a glass viewing area!

Paint is allowed on the carpet as it is coming up anyway.
all we ask for is some of your time to get it out of the way.
Upstairs will be done in December and over the courts and ceiling

Can I ask for help with you the members to make the club what we want it to be, 2018 quality image not 1980s style lol.
It is going through a major overhaul.

We are looking for no more than say 6/8 max in total to paint in the evenings or probably Sunday when it is empty in the evening.
We have the paint just need bodies and brushes to make it happen
Please respond to this mail anyone who can support the club on this.
Free social evening tickets for those who will help
Best regards

Andy Bright

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