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Re squash door entrance

Andrew The repair has been booked with the contractor we use to do all our metal work in School. He is currently away and will make the repair when he is back. Could you ask all club members to shut the door carefully, rather than slam it, until itís fully repaired? With 3 of the 5 hinges still in place there shouldnít be any risk of it coming off. This is planned in 2 weeks time please take care with the door on entering Regards Andy bright We have looked at the hinge and yes itís broken but with the help of the closer it wonít fall off. As you can see from the lovely photo thatís been sent, only 2 parts are broken and 3 still remain. With any luck the squash club members will treat the door with some extra care over the next couple of weeks and donít let it slam as per usual. Could this message be passed on please Andrew. Sorry for the delay but I canít force the guy to work any quicker. Tim

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