Brackley Squash Club is now an official Karakal equipment and clothing distributor. The shop items listed below can be paid for in two ways:

  1. By using your club account to make the appropriate credit transfer to the "A Club Shop Purchase" member or
  2. By credit or debit card using the "Paypal Here" terminal at the club when one of the following members is present
  • Andrew Bright
  • Richard Neat
  • Tim Bardsley
  • Martin Hall
  • Alistair Brown
  • Edward Dowdall

  • Equipment

    DUNLOP Pro Squash Balls (box of 12) £27.00
    DUNLOP Pro Squash Balls (single) £2.50
    Karakal Double/Single Yellow Dot Squash Balls (box of 12) £22.00
    Karakal Double Yellow Dot Squash Balls (box of 3) £6.60
    Karakal Pro Tour Elite, 12 Racket Bag £69.00
    Karakal Pro Tour Comp 9 Racket Bag £58.00
    Karakal Pro Tour Match 4 Racket Bag £39.90
    Karakal Pro Tour 30 Backpack £27.99
    Karakal PU Super Grip Yellow (single) £3.00
    Karakal PU Super Grip Assorted Colours (single) £3.00
    Karakal PU Super Grip Pink (single) £3.00
    Karakal Head Crash Tape (none-marking) £5.20
    Karakal "Hydrate" (Chillies) Water Bottle
    • Eco friendly (will significantly reduce or stop your reliance on single use plastics)
    • Advanced double wall vacuum technology (your water is always cold so you drink more)
    Karakal T-120ff Cameron Pilley Signature Squash Racket £84.95
    Karakal F-135ff Squash Racket £78.95
    £58.00 or 2 for £100!
    Karakal T-130ff Squash Racket £74.95
    Karakal F-125ff Squash Racket £72.99
    Karakal Tec Pro Elite Squash Racket £150.00
    £52.50 or 2 for £100!
    Karakal Raw 130 Squash Racket £39.99
    Karakal CRX Hybrid Squash57 Racket £28.00
    KTT 200 Table Tennis Bat £14.95
    KTT 500 Table Tennis Bat £24.95

    Clothing (Karakal)

    Karakal Wristband Jumbo X1 £4.00
    Karakal Headband X1 (White) £4.00
    Karakal Prolite Court Shoe £30.00
    Karakal Prolite Court Shoe Classic Black £44.00
    Karakal Performance Sports Insole £11.99
    Karakal Mens X4-Technical Trainer Sock - Red £8.49
    Karakal Mens X4-Technical Ankle Sock - Red £9.10
    Karakal Pro Tour Lady Tee Yellow £20.00
    Karakal Pro Tour Lady Tee Graphite £20.00
    Karakal Pro Tour Lady Tee Red £20.00
    Men's Karakal Pro Tour Tee Red £20.00
    Karakal Pro Tour Shorts Graphite £20.00

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