2nd Team News

2nd Team News

Brackley 2nd Team

 Oxfordshire Winter Leagues Division 3 (Jan-Apr 2019)

The fixtures for 2019 are listed above, 

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AWAY; Tues 8 Jan v Wallingford 2nd team -  The first outing in the 3rd Division for the second team and the expectation is for this season to be a challenging one. First up is Wallingford 2nd's having played their 3rd team only three weeks earlier in Division 4 following our promotion. 

Ed (#5) had a very closely fought game against a tricky opponent, gaining a 2 game lead then losing the next two, followed by a very dominant 5th game and shutting the opponent out completely to win 3-2. Tim (#4) had a challenging first game of the new season against a fit opponent, each game incredibly close and could have gone either way. Some enjoyable squash ending in a 1-3 loss in the end. Rich (#3) went out after an indulgent Christmas period keen to get back to business and faced off against a very fit and precise opponent, after losing the first two games and some long, energetic rallies he switched on to win the 3rd, but ran out of steam against a fitter opponent to lose 1-3. Next up was Wayne (#2) playing against a tough and consistent player he was able to make an impact but sadly not enough to gain enough points in the tight moments, some great squash to watch but sadly a 0-3 defeat.Then a rematch of sorts having met before when David (#1) was playing for the 1st team. Having lost the last meetup, David was out for revenge and he took the chance brilliantly. A decisive and strong performance ended in a well deserved 3-0 win. Final score 8-15 against a very strong team who are likely a contender for the title in this division so a lot of positives to take away for the 2nd's. Going forward every point in this league will count; Final score 8-15.

HOME; Thurs 17 Jan v Banbury 1st team - After a 19-0 win against Oxford Uni in the previous week we knew this would be our toughest opposition of the season, knowing every point counts. Ed (#5) this was business as usual and pulled out a brilliant 3-0 win, nipping at the heels of the higher stringed players. Tim (#4) had a tough opponent in Stuart Madle who previously was playing at 2 for their team, this set an understanding of the strength of the team they had brought with them. A tough fight with some close games led to a 0-3 defeat. Rich (#3) carried on his consistency of being stretched but managing to bring home the first game, the second game being very tight defeat but then losing steam to finish up 1-3 against a very fit opponent. Some brilliant squash Wayne (#2) playing off against a strong and fit player, he brought in the first game then conceded to the strength and technique of the opponent. A great bout finishing 1-3. Some more fantastic squash with David (#1) facing Jonathan, some very fierce squash and brilliant rallies led the two even players forward, with David just losing out in a 2-3 defeat. Very closely fought. Finishing up the night 7-16, ideally more points wanted but against the toughest opponents of the season there was a lot of positives to take away. Currently third from the bottom on the table with potentially some easier games ahead will hopefully push us to mid table; Final score 7-16.

AWAY; Tues 22 Jan v Oxford University 2nd team - Having had some tough games and poor results against this opponent the 2nd's were keen to get maximum points this time out.

First up was Tim B (#5) going up against a familiar opponent and knowing it wouldn't be easy he pulled out some very entertaining squash, the first two games going to tie breakers, one in either favour, gaining momentum in the 3rd to pull ahead. His opponent pulled out all the stops to draw level at 2-2 before Tim tidily ended the game fairly comfortably in a 3-2 win for Brackley. Ed (#4) had a tricky opponent, one he had played before, so with a clear plan going into the match with a great execution winning well in the 1st game but their tricky, lobby style came out in the second game to draw it even. Not to be shown up Ed pulled out all the stops to tie up the win over the next two games, the final game ending in a tie breaker for a close 3-1 win. The unbeaten streak continues! Rich (#3) had a tougher opponent than he would usually face and was keen to get a win in this still new division, after two defeats so far it would be great to secure a victory this time. The rallies were long and arduous for the first two games but Rich looked liked the stronger player, securing two good wins. Going into the third game with depleted reserves the opponent stepped it up a notch and won the 3rd... and the 4th game, making things a little less than comfortable. The decider contained some brilliant and tough rallies, both sides showing signs of exhaustion. The final push brought the two to a tiebreaker, finally and desperately going in the favour of Rich. A very narrow 3-2 win! Wayne (#2) came out looking strong almost immediately against his opponent, one he knew and had lost out to previously, this time time he was keen for a win. He began well with a win in the first  but the opponent fought well to take the 2nd. Wayne stepped into another gear in the final two games pulling out some fantastic squash to push the opponent into a corner. They both went all out in the last game but there was no stopping Wayne, a brilliant and well deserved 3-1 win. David (#1) stepped up to the mark, with a clean sweep of wins so far from the team, he was keen to make it a 5-0 match victory on the night. The first played out with some very entertaining squash, the two players looking well matched but David having the edge. Some punishing rallies fended the opponent off well and David secured a close win in the 2nd. What followed was more brilliant squash and a convincing win, ending in 3-0, a brilliant result. A 5-0 victory for the 2nd's puts the team in a very strong position to contend in this new division. Max points (19-6 final score) was more than we could have hoped for and its put a boost of confidence into the team, onto next week...!

HOME; Tues 29 Jan v Carterton 2nd team - Postponed due to weather, rescheduled for Thurs 18th April. 

HOME; Tues 7 Feb v Harwell 2nd team - All three teams were plagued by injuries & absentees this week so some chopping and changing was required to field some full teams.

Kate (#5) came out strong against a strong opponent and after some ups and downs very narrowly missed out on the win 2-3, could have gone either way having led 2-1, a great performance nonetheless. A tough night for Nick (#4) versus an opponent who came out very strong from the start. Nick pulled back in the 3rd game and very nearly won it but narrowly lost it to finish 0-3 but gaining further vital team match experience. Rich (#3) faced what would prove to be a fierce match with some brilliant, lengthy rallies. Rich was doing well to cling on against a fitter opponent only narrowly losing the first game 14-16, same story in the second 13-15, before losing the 3rd 12-15. Some very close games but no points to show for it. Tim W (#2) played his 1st game in 2 months after an injury lay-off and he was keen to test his limbs! A slow start easing back into it led the first game going to his opponent, but this was short lived as he went up a gear and convincingly brought home the win 3-1. A tough night for Wayne (#1) playing higher than normal versus a tough opponent who proved too tough. He performed strongly until the 4th game when he ran out of steam, losing out 1-3. A very enjoyable game to watch that could easily have gone the other way. An overall 6-17 loss against a very strong team. A lot of positives to take away and some valuable points earned.

AWAY; Tues 12 Feb v Didcot 1st team - Rich (#4) played against a very technical opponent on a cold court. Some great rallies and some digging in later and Rich secured a decisive 3-0 victory on the night. A tough match for Wayne (#3), the cold courts causing issues and favouring the style of the opponent. Despite pushing hard and really digging in the opponent walked away with the 0-3 win. Business as usual for Dasher (Ed #5) with his classic left handed boasts shutting the opponent out convincingly. Even though he’d just got back from a week on the slopes the win streak from September continues! Another tough game on the night, for Tim Walton (#2), the opponents style proving very tricky, some deft lobs and well placed drops proved too much, he dug in well to get a game back but the cold ball wasn’t working in his favour losing out 0-3. Another brilliant win for Dave (#1), proving a consistent player this season for the 2nd team. He had the upper hand all game and shut the opponent out well. A great win bringing the overall win to Brackley on the night; 14-6 victory for the team. 

HOME; Thurs 21 Feb v Nuffield Health 1st team -

HOME; Thurs 28 Feb  v Wallingford 2nd team - A tough challenge in the form of Wallingford and a weakened Brackley team due to availability. Wallingford were short a player so we started off with 3 points already banked!

Wayne 1-3 (#1) A great performance and some keen squash from Wayne against a very strong opponent who has had some impressive results against higher stringed players in the past. Wayne did brilliantly to win the first game but sadly couldn’t bring home anymore. Rich 2-3 (#2) A tough night for Rich knowing he was playing at a higher string than normal on the night, going up against the same opponent he had lost 1-3 to earlier in the season and expecting a fierce fight. Some close and long rallies lead to him going 0-2 down before clawing back to 2-2 and then running out of steam in the 5th. A very enjoyable game. Tim B 0-3 (#3) Great to see Tim back this week after a few weeks off with an injury, he began looking very keen and pulled out some very enjoyable rallies for the spectators. The games were close in points and not reflective of the 0-3 loss. On another night this could have gone either way. Rudi 0-3 (#4) The hero of the night came in the form of Rudi who saved us from player shortage penalties this week, offering to back us up despite playing quite far out of position. Rudi started off looking keen and strong against a better opponent on paper, showing great determination to grab some points in the match but sadly not enough to earn a game. Final score; 6-16

AWAY; Weds 6 March v Banbury 1st team

HOME; Thurs 14 March v University 2nd team

AWAY; Weds 20 March v Carterton 2nd team

AWAY; Tues 26 March v Harwells 2nd team

HOME; Thurs 4 April v Didcot 1st team

AWAY; Thurs 11 April v Nuffield Health 1st team

HOME; Thurs 18th April v Carterton 2nd team (rescheduled match) - 

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